Tori Prophet

Grant Writer

Researching and writing grant proposals is a time-consuming job that most leaders of non-profits lack the time to pursue. Your mission is to help those in need. Diversifying your funding sources and securing funding for your new program is too crucial to put off any longer. I became a grant writer because I believe each of us is called to be our brother’s keeper.

Over the last 14 years, I have been involved with various non-profit organizations in many different capacities and I have a passion for their world-changing, life-giving work.  I have the research skills necessary to identify the right grant opportunities for your agency’s objectives and I have the writing talent required to make a compelling argument on your behalf.  I am dedicated to educating myself about the grant application process, keeping up with current giving trends, attending seminars to hone my skills as a grant-writer, and learning all I can to help you get funded. It would be an honor to partner with you on your non-profit organization’s mission to help society’s most vulnerable.